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The Tomb of Ptahmes

 Author: C.W. James  Category: Action, Adventure, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Paranormal, Thriller  Publisher: Insundry Productions Books  Published: 2024  ISBN: 978-1-962056-04-5  Pages: 245  Language: English  Dimension: 5.5 x 8.5  Buy Now

Perilous adventure awaits on a journey from the scorching Libyan Desert to the dark, treacherous streets of 1910 London in a blend of historical intrigue and imaginative fiction.

Seventeen year-old Carter Pinsent, son of an English archaeologist, joins his father’s excavation in Egypt for the summer. But when controversial Egyptologist Sir Robert Ottley and his captivating daughter May appear on the scene, Carter is drawn into a web of rivalry and deception.

When they unearth the mysterious tomb of Ptahmes, an enigmatic figure from ancient Egyptian history, it becomes clear that this discovery is no ordinary one. The tomb contains not only historical artifacts, but also a mystical power that blurs the lines between science and superstition.

Things take a supernatural turn with the arrival of Dr. Belleville, a disgraced doctor turned spiritualist who reveals the existence of ancient curses and the possibility of resurrection. As Carter’s quest becomes a race against death, he must battle both seen and unseen forces while each party competes to unlock the secrets of the tomb.

What follows is a thrilling adventure that explore the connection between ancient practices and modern science. Amidst ethical dilemmas and moral choices, Carter is tested and evolves in the face of adversity. Beyond the pulse-pounding action, The Tomb of Ptahmes explores themes of father-son relationships and the intertwining of history and legend.

Available in ebook (.epub), paperback and hardback editions.

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